Call Center Dialer

VAC Softtech Call Center Solutions are aimed at reducing operational costs and workforce productivity in your business. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the call centre solutions work differently as per the client requirements. Be it a small department of an independent organization, a large firm which requires enterprise level solutions or something that lies in between, our contact center solution delivers excellent customer experience and maximize efficiency in order to build and maintain long term relationships. We always focus on empowering the customers, ensuring the productivity of call center officials, managing the client expectations efficiently & streamlining operations for easy handling.


VAC Soft Call Center Solution Features

Features Description
Agent Presence management Ability to monitor presence of agents in call center
ACD Automatic Call Distributor is an integrated module providing state-of-the-art inbound call routing capabilities to multiple agents
Agent Login Agent module allows from basic to advanced features focusing on agent oriented tasks, either for inbound or outbound processes as per business requirements and applicable as per agent basis
Administrator Login Allows for easy set-up management and definition of business procedures, applicable as per administrator basis
Assign dispositions to interactions Provides agents the functionality to assign dispositions to customer interactions
Admin interface to access voicemail Feature to provide interface for administrator access to voicemails
Blended Solution Customer can use this software for both inbound and outbound calling simultaneously
Barge with agents Supervisor to quickly takeover a call interaction from agents in real-time
CTI CTI feature provides screen pop and disposition assignment to sessions
Contact List Management Allows dynamic contact list management as per business requirements
Conference 3 party Allows multi-conference functionality up to 3 lines at any given time
Campaign, Queues and Group Management Administrator to define parameters for campaign, queues and group management as per business requirements
Disposition management Disposition management feature provides the ability to set and assign various dispositions
Database Interaction Helps to pass and retrieve data from the data base
Extensions User can have IP Phone / Desktop Phone or existing PABX as analog extensions
Forward a call on trunk Allows to forward call on a trunk
Force logout of agents To terminate login session of agents as per supervisor requirements
Hang-up/ hold Allows hang-up and hold functionality as per required by user and campaign
Integration with 3rd party apps Screen pop up providing real time access to information through rapid triggers and in-depth definition of information parameters
Integration with third party CRM Integration with third party CRM allows to pop up the CRM to display all customer records
IVR Interactive IVR helps build custom made solution based on predefined IVR flow chart
Language and Skill Selection Dynamic routing based on language and skill selected by user
Login / Logout Login / Logout
Manual Dial from Screen Allows direct dialing from screen as per requirement by user
Multiple campaigns Allows the agents to engage in multiple campaigns
Multiple queues Allows flexibility in handling multiple incoming processes
Monitor user log in/out Feature for supervisor monitoring to login and logout of users
Monitor live agents and/or Customers through GUI Supervisor to monitor agents and/or customers through state-of-the art graphical user interface
Media context and routing configurations Administrator to configure media context and routing as per business requirements
Office Hour Office Hour is a business centric module allowing for predetermined office timings calibration of processes and applicable as per set-up
Office timings and holidays calendar configuration Allows configuration based on office timings and holidays
Office/Non office hour welcome and greeting message play as per the calendar Provide voice recordings defined as per office hours and holidays
Predictive Dialing Allows out bound calling through Predictive dialing. Systems predict and dial the numbers based on agent availability
Put call on hold Feature for agent to put call on hold as per agent requirements
PHP Default Screen-Pop App (mini-CRM) Basic screen pop feature providing immediate and updated information to agents
Prompt Management Ability to manage voice prompts
Real time monitoring Allows real-time performance monitoring
Reporting Reporting feature allowing access to various reports generated by system
Routing Customer calls based on DID; DNIS or ANI Dynamic routing provides multiple incoming number identification functionality
Routing calls based on CLI Routing Customer calls based on Caller line identification
Route a call to a group of agents based on FIFO; LWA (longest wait agent) Allows for multiple protocols to optimize agent productivity
Receive Calls Receive Calls
Receive calls along with customer screen-pop Feature for screen pop application to display customer information to agent instantly as call is received
Supervisor Login Allows for in-depth monitoring and management of operational processes and applicable as per supervisor basis
Supervisor Snoop with agents Supervisor to quietly listen into customer interactions of agents in real-time
Supervisor Whisper with agents To impart instructions to agents without alerting customer
Supervisor Confer with agents To engage in conference with agents and customers in real-time
Supervisor Live call monitoring Supervisor to monitor agent customer interactions in real-time
Supervisor Download recorded conversations Allows supervisor a quick and easy downloading of recorded agent sessions
Supervisor Listen to recorded conversations Allows quick and easy listening of recorded agent sessions
Sign on from web Allow quick agent login from web based interface
Search Feature to provide the ability to search through recorded database based on filtered parameters. Search based on date, time, source, destination and duration
Send voicemail recording on email Feature to send voicemail recording on email for easy access anywhere, anytime
Trunks Multiple lines per user as required for business
Transfer calls to another user Feature for agent to transfer call to other users as per agent requirements
Terminate calls (including conference) Feature to allow agent to terminate sessions as per requirements
Transfer calls to outside department or contact center Feature to allow agents to transfer calls as per session requirements
User management and assignments To assign and manage various user access
User Management and Assignment Administrator to manage and assign user privileges
Update Customer details Feature to allow agents to update customer details in real-time
Voice Logger VAC Soft Voice logger provides secure real time recording module in various recording formats and applicable as per agent
Voicemail Allows customer to leave voice message on extension and its retrieval wherever and whenever required and as per set-up
100% recording in raw codec form Voice logger Feature allowing recording in codec format to optimize space and quality requirements
Welcome Message Allows agents to set a welcome message